Baltimore 1814 Media

What was life like as a Baltimorean in 1814? Baltimore was able to repel the mightiest military force of its time and give inspiration for the writing of The Star Spangled Banner. A fledgling city with enough faith and zeal to allow the impossible to transpire, Baltimore overcame even in the comparatively brutal living conditions of that era.

A key factor in Baltimore’s chemistry was the closeness of the community. Watch ZERO DEGREES OF SEPARATION to gain a feel for the 1814 Baltimore experience.

Baltimore could easily have earned the monniker Fort Baltimore at the time of its defense against the invasion of the British. The entire metropolis was called into action leaving few areas in the early city limits not involved with wartime preparation. The Third Brigade of Baltimore City spent the overwhelming majority of its time in the City in preparation, versus its time in battle defending against a haughty foe intent on conflagration and “beauty and booty”. Watch FOOTPRINTS IN BALTIMORE to see how the entire city was engaged in supporting a defense.

A brotherhood of Baltimore Defenders came together in solidarity during May of 1814 when the invasion of mightiest army in the world, fresh from defeat of Napoleon’s forces, was imminent. The imponderability of this bold and courageous move of the citizen soldiers to convict to stand fast can only be equaled by their resulting success and how they also continue to impact our lives today. May of 1814 marked the beginning of a lifelong brotherhood of remembrance which roused the city and nation in patriotism and a sense of nationhood. It was the courage of the Defenders of Baltimore which inspired the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner, and the strength of their organization which served to perpetuate the spirit of 1814 into the 20th century, contributing to the adoption of our national anthem in 1931.Too precious to leave to extinction, the Defenders of Baltimore passed their brotherhood and leadership to their sons, now The Society of the War of 1812 in Maryland. This book is the Bicentennial publication of The Society of theWar of 1812.

With an abundance of new findings and fresh insights contained in its pages, our rich heritage over the past 200 years is seen in retrospect for the first time. Baltimore’s response to the invasion of a superior British military during the War of 1812, much of it misunderstood or forgotten, have provided an unmatched heritage – a national anthem, a tradition of remembrance and gratitude. HERITAGE OF COURAGE is the official Bicentennial publication of the Society of the War of 1812 in Maryland.